BREAKING: Obama US Attorney Refuses To Resign and Look What He Just Said To Trump!

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Newest reports came in, and the show that an Obama appointed attorney is currently refusing to resign, and claims that he will make President Trump fire him. Talking about being stubborn right?

While we still are not sure what measure President Trump is going to take in the case of this lunatic attorney, we are 100% sure that if he keeps on pushing his limits, he will eventually get fired one way or another.

As the days are going by and Trump is becoming more and more famous for his actions which are saving and defining America once again, the Democrats seem to be getting more and more desperate to create scandals, chaos and rallies all in an attempt to receive some sort of attention, as they are not in the spotlight since their dear Obama left office.

But unfortunately for them, all they are receiving is embarrassing comments and a lot of hate from the people of this nation.

So it doesn’t matter whether he is forced to resigned or if he waits for President Trump to officialy fire him, one way or another Bharara will meet his end as an Attorney.

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