You thought that Obama would disappear from public’s eyes for good? Well, you thought wrong, and the former president is ready to make his first public appearance. Obama promised to do good things for this country, but he didn’t even try to do anything like that. He was all about his interests and friends.


You have to admit, Obama had a few pretty “amusing” friends. When we say “amusing” we think of people who will soon end up behind bars. Hillary Clinton is one of them. Although Hillary has already made his first public appearance, she’s still in the shadows, probably plotting another campaign. Or maybe another Benghazi?

Now Obama is ready to face the ones who felt ignored and disappointed. Many people hoped that Obama would change things, and improve the overall condition in this country. But, he didn’t, and honestly, he is the worst thing that has ever happened to America. Everybody would agree on this one, that’s a sure bet.

Obama decided to share his “great thoughts” in a town hall in Chicago. How did he even get the courage to do something like this? Does he really think that those people will listen to him? They will probably just go there to listen to his nonsense.

“This event is part of President Obama’s post-presidency goal to encourage and support the next generation of leaders driven by strengthening communities around the country and the world,” Obama’s office stated.


Obama has already scheduled series of public events for the next months. He is also travelling to Boston to receive the Profile in Courage Award at John F. Kennedy Library.

As if that wasn’t enough, Obama will also travel to Europe, and on May 27, he is delivering a speech at Berlin’s Brandenburg Gate. Guess who will make him company? Angela Merkel.


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