Thanks to the scandal with Bill O’Reilly, Fox News is now in a hot water. A lot of conservatives simply stopped watching the network because, according to them, Fox News did a great injustice to the man who worked so hard for them.

This is not a lie given the fact that they removed him without giving an announcement beforehand. Without his show, Fox News will hardly get its audience back.

But, that’s not it. Former host, Andrea Tantaros, filed a lawsuit recently outlining what she thinks went on during her time on the network.  According to her accusations, Fox News has created a culture of sexual harassment, which went unnoticed for many years. Such accusations are only pushing the network to roll downhill faster.

The network tried real hard fight back the claims, like spending large sums of money in order to cover up the allegations made against Bill O’Reilly – the same ones that cost him his job. These allegations were so shady that many people blamed  the liberals for their part in the mix.

Another thing that could shut down Fox News once and for all is Andrea Santaros’s lawsuit.  She goes into detail on the lawsuit about how Fox News “surveilled her emails and tweets” during her time employed.

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