President Donald Trump made many promises to the conservatives around the country when he entered the White House. Since everyone was fed up with the way Obama ran the country, leading it toward the end of America’s economy and making the borders harder to defend, Trump decided to turn things around for the better. He was straight forward to the other countries saying that if any one of them tried to mess with the U.S.A., they will deeply regret it.

The fact that he immediately took measures when Syria used banned chemical weapons on their own people proves that his promises aren’t empty words.

Another proof is when he went after ISIS, and this is something he had promised since the very beginning. He dropped the MOAB, the largest non-nuclear bomb to ever be used in combat on an ISIS fighter base in Afghanistan. He both helped to defeat the terrorist organization and sent a message.

But, there is one thing that really bugs the President – the North Korean problem. He made it loud and clear that he will not allow North Korea to test nuclear weapons without fighting back.

The status quo in North Korea is unacceptable and the council must be prepared to impose additional and stronger sanctions on North Korean nuclear and ballistic missile programs.”

“North Korea is a big world problem, and it’s a problem we have to finally solve,” stated the President during the meeting he called on the Senate at the White House.

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