President Donald Trump has taken a very stern and tense stance against North Korea and their leader, Kim Jong Un. The two countries have been going back and forth trying to scare one another.

Just recently, North Korea held a massive live-fire artillery drill in order to scare the United States. But one thing is certain, President Trump is not scared and he will do whatever it takes to keep his country safe.

President Trump is confused about how the other countries of the world can just let North Korea continue to act the way they do. They threaten all countries and want to send nuclear missiles to the United States. Is that not real enough for them?

Well, Trump has finally taken the issue into his own hands. With the help of South Korea, the United States tested thousands of missiles along the coast of North Korea, in an obvious threat to Kim Jong Un. President Trump has even received support from North Korea’s only ally, China. China has said that it would be in the best interest of North Korea to find a peaceful solution to the problem.

He went onto say that it is very important that North Korea does not test nuclear missiles, as China will not be able to defend them after that. We are starting to see how a real president takes care of foreign policy. It was Obama’s way, that wanted to just wait and not do anything. Trump has taken a different approach, making sure that other countries around the world do not mess with us.

Finally Americans can feel safe in their own homes. We are seeing a good president at work and we need to continue to support him and the actions he takes.

Are you PROUD Donald Trump is our president?

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