Democrats still can’t get over the fact that their beloved Hillary lost to Donald Trump. Now, Trey Gowdy has a few words to share, and one of them is “candidate”. Something good is on the way!

The Republicans consider him for a presidential candidate for the next elections, and we couldn’t agree more! He is a respected and great conservative who will put his country and its values first.

We know that these kind of talks are too soon to be taking place as President Trump just finished his first trimester, but liberals have already been planning their next presidential campaign. Republicans shouldn’t sit still, and having Gowdy as a potential candidate, we have great chances of defeating the liberals once again.

Trey Gowdy always knows to ask the right questions and give the right answers. He is fierce when it comes to challenges, and these qualities bring him full support among the conservatives.

Moreover, he has an excellent legal background. He took the chairman position in several committees and was in charge of many investigations.

When it comes to the liberals’ list of potential candidates, we have Senator Warren and Michelle Obama. Yes, the former First Lady.

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