The whole world knows that Kim Jong-un is incapable of creating functional missiles as every missile he has fired so far has exploded right after launching. As funny as it sounds, it still isn’t a laughing matter because according to experts, it is close to lead to a new conflict.

According to newest evidence,  Jimmy Carter and Bill Clinton “planted” the problem. What’s worse, Clinton doesn’t even care about the conflict with North Korea. Whereas Carter had a deal with North Korea, which involved two reactors and five billion dollars in aid. The deal was built on a promise to stop seeking nukes.

This means that we literally handed the North Korean leader the tools, but told him NOT to use them? Seriously? Clinton even went as far as saying that this would form “an end to the threat of nuclear proliferation on the Korean Peninsula.”

Americans deserve to know that their former leaders endangered the whole nation by giving all those billions to Koreans. Now, we’re the ones to pay for their mistakes.

Both of them should take responsibilities and if they are smart enough, they will offer a solution.

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