President Trump is a busy man and he doesn’t have time to deal with petty attacks. Having huge responsibilities and serious problems to solve in order to secure our country, a bogus lawsuit isn’t on his list of priorities.

Now, we have Muhammad Ali Jr. suing the president. The lawsuit is on account to Trump’s “racist” ravel ban that was going to protect our country from terrorists.

”They stopped me for no reason, they stopped me for my last name being Ali. A Muslim.” Ali told reporters.

”My father would do the same thing I did,” Ali went on.

Muhammad Ali Jr. should seriously reconsider his decision of going against the President.

”They still don’t respect people of color. We are a race of human beings and if I have to fight for eternity then so be it. I will not sleep until our people are respected as an equal opportunity, equal rights for all people that are Americans.” he complained.


  1. I don’t believe it for a minute that President Trump has anything to do with it just someone else trying to line their pockets.Hes is another money hungry dem period.Go away dude you ripped off enough people

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