As it was reported by some media, President Trump wants  Sheriff David Clarke to join his White House team and he is working on it. If Clarke joins in, Trump would be able to achieve many of his campaign goals.

Should Clarke joins, he would be an Assistant Secretary at the Department of Homeland Security’s Office of Partnership and Engagement.

The Senate won’t have to confirm the nomination and this will speed up things.  We all remember how long the Neil Gorsuch’s confirmation took. He was finally confirmed when the Senate Republican’s used what was deemed the “Nuclear Option.”


There were rumors few months prior that President Trump met with Clarke at the Trump Tower even before he was elected president. Clarke is an excellent choice, as he is a great Republican and a man with fair judgments who knows when to make the hard decisions. He has the respect and the support from all of us and we truly hope that we will see him as part of Tump’s team.


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