Hannity is not ready to give up! He made it loud and clear to the whole world that he is not going to give up until he shows everyone that liberal leftists try to get rid of him just like they did to O’Reilly.

It appears that their petty attempt to silence the ‘anti-media’ will end in an embarrassing failure. Hannity announced n his Twitter account that he hired an army of lawyers, investigators and other professionals that are going to help him prove his innocence.

This is what liberals do! They want to destroy criticism and anyone who dares to speak differently than them! They want to turn us into an ignorant and highly dependent nation, controlled by the liberal elite.

People, Hannity needs our support! They managed to shut down Judge Jeannine‘s show, they fired Bill O’Reilly, let’s not give them the satisfaction to shut down Hannity as well!

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