Limbaugh had it enough!

Regarding Democrats’ intentions of a ‘government shutdown’, Limbaugh started his speech with “I want the Democrats shut down, once and for all, on this!”

“I want them eating this, and I want all kinds of horrible-tasting stuff on it when they swallow it. I want this government shutdown stuff rammed in every orifice of theirs whether you can see it or not! I want them to eat it and I want them to chew it and I want them to swallow it and I don’t want them to ever regurgitate it,” stated Limbaugh.

“I’m so sick and tired of this! It’s one of the biggest lies; it is one of the biggest misrepresentations! It is one of the phoniest, baloneyest, plastic banana, good-time rock ‘n’ roller tricks that the Republicans have ever fallen for, this government shutdown garbage,” stated Limbaugh.

“There is not a government shutdown. The government never totally shuts down. If it did, nobody would notice unless the media was out there whining and moaning about it! And it bugs me that people continue to cave for it,” were Limbaugh’s words.


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