Liberals are trying to make Chelsea Clinton their new mascot. Even though she is quite active when it comes to bashing conservatives, bashing the President is kind of a big bite for her.

When President Trump stated in an interview on Monday that former President Andrew Jackson could have prevented the Civil War “I mean had Andrew Jackson been a little bit later you wouldn’t have had the Civil War. He was a very tough person, but he had a big heart,” our dear Chelsea got triggered and spoke her mind on Twitter:

“Clinton failed to acknowledge that Jackson founded the Democratic party. Clinton’s rant completely left out that he created the party her entire family aligns and identifies with publicly,” – BizPac Review

People quickly reacted to her hypocrisy:

Every Democrat refuse to acknowledge the past of their party. They try so hard to forget that it was the Democrats who blocked Abraham Lincoln to pass the anti-slavery law, that is was them who stopped the Civil Rights Act, and that the Ku Klux Klan were Southern Democrats.

But, after the Civil Rights Act, things changed and Democrats decided to play fairy godmothers to the minorities.

“On Tuesday, Clinton, 37, was honored with the City Harvest Award for Commitment for her work with the Clinton Foundation’s Day of Action program. In early 2017, Clinton and staff from the Clinton Foundation spent a day packing 25,000 pounds of grapefruit for needy New York residents.” – Daily Wire

Clinton stated, “We believe in City Harvest because no child should go hungry,” adding these tweets:

Let’s be honest, the biggest achievement for her is being the daughter of Bill and Hillary, and apparently, people are awarding her for that, which is kinda sad…


  1. She’s as big of a criminal as her parents and what does grapefruit have to do with a good filling diet put out more veggies and filling healthy food ughhh grapefruit is more dietary food give the oats and beans for protein etc.

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