Folks, you better get used to Hillary’s whining because she has no intentions to stop!

Just recently, she was whining on CNN how she lost the elections because of James Comey and WikiLeaks! Is she serious? She will never admit that she was a HORRIBLE candidate! Watch the interview here:

Hillary, will you knock it off already?!

We are all tired of your bias! You didn’t give a dime about the working-class people in the Midwest because the fireworks and the victory party were way too important to you. The media and the entire Hollywood elite got your back, but of course, you failed to realize that the farmers and factory workers and small business owners in Wisconsin and Michigan and Ohio are the ones you were depending on!

And the FBI were doing their job when you got busted for the emails, lady!

You are a pathetic, tragi-comic person that sounds more like crazy Uncle Rico from Napoleon Dynamite, than as a serious politician.

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