Tuesday was an important day for both President Donald Trump as he had a phone conversation with Russian President Vladimir Putin, for the first time since the power scandal in Syria took place. According to reports, the read out from the phone call between the two contains a few interesting points, and it is available to the public.

Reports claim that the read out from the phone conversation was sent directly to the Office of the Press Secretary for immediate release, unlike former President Obama, who first gathered an army of press reporters to decide how and what they are going to tell to the American people.

The readout states that U.S. President Donald Trump, and Russian President Vladimir Putin, had a conversation today regarding Syria, and they both agreed that the suffering in the nation has lasted for too long and that all parties must push their best efforts to end the violence.

All in all, it was a good conversation and on top of everything, it included the discussion of safe, or de-escalation, zones to achieve lasting peace for humanitarian as well as other reasons. At last, it was decided that the U.S. will send a representative to the cease-fire talks in Astana, Kazakhstan on May 3-4. Aside from that, they discussed working together to eliminate terrorism throughout the Middle East and finally spoke about how to resolve the highly dangerous situation in North Korea.

We are expecting the liberal mainstream media to start throwing their accusations of Trump “collaborating” with the Russians for something else, but unfortunately for them, our president is an honest man and has nothing to hide, and despite everything, he is still making progress, and for this, we should all show him our support!

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