President Donald Trump was pretty busy bringing important decisions since the first moment he was inaugurated. Former president Barack Obama left terrible mess behind, and President Trump had to deal with issues like immigrants, terrorists, fake news… But, he will handle each of these problems with ease.

Unlike President Trump, Democrats aren’t quite determined to improve the situation in our country. Moreover, they’re trying to cause a chaos in every institution. Remember how they opposed Neil Gorsuch’s confirmation to the Supreme Court? Luckily, Gorsuch was finally confirmed, and everything went the way President Trump planned. He won’t allow Democrats to boycott his efforts to make America great again.

Now President Trump will have to appoint another judge to the Supreme Court, because Justice Anthony Kennedy, 80, may withdraw from the high court. As the justice explained, he is already too old. Sources close to the justice say that he is serious about his retirement.

Ronald Reagan appointed Justice Kennedy in 1998, and he is actually the oldest justice in the Supreme Court now that the conservative judge Antonin Scalia died. The justice is politically impartial which often put him in the middle of Supreme Court tiebreakers.

Today, the Supreme Court is split by four conservative and four progressive justices, and of course, Kennedy is in the middle. He is the one to decide SCORUS stalemates. Now that Kennedy considers retiring, President Trump can appoint another conservative justice. That’s awesome, right?

President Trump and Justice Kennedy are friends, and they both have kids living in New York. The justice invited the President’s daughter to the Supreme Court, and she took a spot reserved for family.

Justice Kennedy had the opportunity to see how President Trump works, and he isn’t worried about the new justice that will take his place.

What do you think about this? Who will take Justice Kennedy’s position?

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