As soon as Barack Obama left the White House, he started charging a whopping $400,000 speaking fee and signed a $65 million book deal in an effort to continue his lavish lifestyle. However, now that he’s unable to veto, Congress just hit back with a major move that might force the entitled Obama family to cancel a couple of their beloved vacations.

Since President Donald Trump took over, the Obamas have been quietly enjoying the comforts of a $200,000 yearly stipend, which each former commander-in-chief receives as their presidential pension. Unfortunately for Barack, he got a little too greedy and may now have to fund those expensive holiday trips from his own pocket for once.

Daily Mail reports that Republican lawmakers have proposed a bill that would revoke Obama’s $207,800 pension since he is charging $400,000 per speech and recently signed a $65 million book deal. Congress is moving to shrink the payment for all former presidents who collect more than a $400,000 yearly income, removing $1 for every dollar they make over the limit. In short, Obama will forfeit his entire taxpayer funded stipend the moment he charges for just one of his outrageously priced speeches.

Although liberals would accuse Congress of racism or bias and targeting the Obamas, both the Senate and House of Representatives had previously passed the same bill while Obama was in office only to have him veto it in July 2016. Perhaps looking forward to his own collection of the pension, Obama shot down our elected officials’ vote on the matter long before he even prepared to leave the Oval Office. Obama had waited until the last possible day to veto, likely hoping his executive order would go unnoticed by the media.


“The Obama hypocrisy on this issue is revealing,” Utah Republican Rep. Jason Chaffetz told USA Today. “His veto was very self-serving.”


Like many others, Chaffetz believes that Obama didn’t want a cap on his income, regardless of how many millions of dollars he and his family had already wasted on vacations and other diversities while in office.


“Cummings definitely supports the concept, and if we can work out the technical issues with the bill that arose late in the last Congress, we expect he would strongly support it again,” his spokeswoman Jennifer Hoffman Werner said.


Of course, few expect Trump to emulate his predecessor and veto the bill if passed. Since he has already vowed not to accept a salary during his presidency, it’s safe to say that he won’t take a pension from the taxpayers’ pockets after leaving office.

Obama already accepted $400,000 for an upcoming speech on Wall Street and hopes to schedule many more. Of course, when he breaks protocol to interfere with foreign elections by endorsing globalist candidates, he gladly does so for free — or so it seems.

Aside from his hefty speaking fees, Barack and Michelle signed a $65 million publishing deal for 2 books, an almost unheard of amount for even the most revered authors.

Like Trump, Obama certainly doesn’t need the stipend provided to him, especially with his fans willing to fork over millions just to hear him talk mostly about himself and his alleged accomplishments. However, he still insists and even fought Congress to ensure that he’d get to keep the money after his job was finished. This speaks volumes about the left’s hypocrisy on wealth, socialism, and the “1 percent,” which undeniably describes the Obamas.

So, while the Obamas claw and bite to keep spending taxpayer dollars they don’t need, it looks as though they’re finally going to have to give up a “piece of their pie” so that the taxpayers can at least have some relief from the debt they’ve racked up cavorting with other filthy rich elitists.


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