BREAKING: Trump Just BLINDSIDED The Liberal 9th Circuit…Conservatives Are CHEERING!

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While Obama was President, he was looking for ways to influence the country for years to come. One of the surest way to do so was to stack America’s courts with liberal judges that will continue to execute his will even after his removal from office. Obama knew that the judges that were appointed by him will make sure Trump’s measures won’t succeed.


One example of this is Judge Derrick Kahala Watson who blocked Trump’s travel ban after having a meeting with Obama the previous month. Another example are the judges from the 9th Circuit. When Trump was asked if he had considered breaking up the court, he did not mince words. The 9th Circuit is known for judge-shopping.

On Tuesday, one of Trump’s orders was blocked by U.S. District Judge William Orrick. This order was to put immigration-related conditions on grants for “sanctuary cities” that may not be directly related to law enforcement.


A couple of months earlier, in February, the 9th Circuit panel decided to rule against Trump’s immigration executive order because they thought it was unconstitutional. Trump than substituted a new order, which was challenged, but the panel decision remained on the books as binding law within the 9th Circuit.

This shows that some judges lost their impartiality long ago. Judge Orrick was a former DNC bundler who raised $200,000 for Obama. He is just one in a long line of judges who care only about executing their liberal agenda.

President Trump needs to take care of this right away, because judges like the ones from the 9th Circuit are a mockery to democracy everywhere.


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