Islam is a religion of peace you say? Islam welcomes all who oppose them you say? Yeah, well watch this.

The left will no doubt take this and spin it in a direction where it looks pro-Islam, but really take a look at this video. This is an Imam from London going on LIVE TV and saying that Islam does not mean peace! This completely contradicts every single thing the left has ever said about Islam.

Just watch and be astonished.



Actually, you probably weren’t astonished by that at all were you? It’s because you, and I, know that Islam is not a religion of peace. It is a religion of that can spread fascism, rape, hatred, and terrorism.

So the next time a liberal says Islam means peace, just show them this. You can’t refute the facts.


  1. But they can cut Chistians head off just because they are Christian.So they should have their heads off for speaking against God.They should be deported because they will not assimilate and if that’s the case and they don’t convert to Christians they should be killed or deported asap.

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