Obama’s Own Secretary Of Defense Thinks Trump’s Islam Speech Was Better

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Yes, because it was. But I suppose we should praise former Obama sycophants for recognizing the truth of the matter.

Former Secretary of Defense Robert Gates contrasted President Donald Trump’s Sunday speech on Islam to the 2009 Cairo speech by former President Barack Obama, at a Foundation for Defense of Democracies conference Tuesday.

“It clearly set us on a different, and in my view better path, than President Obama’s Cairo speech,” Gates declared.

Gates characterized Obama’s 2009 Cairo speech as “basically … put the responsibility on the U.S. for things that had gone wrong.” He contrasted the speech to Trump’s who he thought “put the responsibility on the government’s of [Muslim] countries.”

Gates comments are particularly remarkable since he served as secretary of defense under Obama at the time of the speech. Obama sought to use the 2009 speech to redefine the U.S. relationship with the Muslim world. Trump sought to use his speech to mobilize action by Islamic governments against radical Islamic extremists.

Gates characterized Trump’s speech as “pretty good,” saying “this is good versus evil, you know who these people are, and drive them out.”

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