Texas Governor Greg Abbott is planning on taking state grant funding away from county Sheriffs who have a Sanctuary City policy in place. The CJD has been offering funding grants to counties as long as they implement ICE detainers for criminal immigrants. Now, the division that reports they are complying but fails to do so will have to repay the grant funding.


While Obama was president, the ICE had relaxed their own policies of detaining criminal illegal aliens with a program called “catch and release,” which means exactly that – instead of being deported, the illegal criminals were caught and jailed but then released.

From 720.000 illegals who needed to be deported, only 195.000 had charges filed against them. Charges were drawn against 68.000, but they refused to leave the country.

All of the illegals are guilty of entering our country illegally. Many have other charges like identity theft that has been often used by illegals to get jobs, benefits, free education, food, housing, and even medical care.


Around 18 cities still harbor illegals, such as Chicago, San Francisco, New York City, and Los Angeles. Illegals go to these cities to avoid being caught, jailed and deported. This is what Obama has taught them.

Governor Abbott has wielded his legislative power to enforce the law in Texas.

Because of illegal immigrants who commit crimes and make it unsafe for our citizens, a lot of money goes to benefits for them instead of other programs in the state for legal citizens and legal immigrants.

It’s clear America has a problem with illegal aliens. Illegal alien’s know they can hide in these cities, get the benefits as if they were American citizens and not be punished.


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