BREAKING: Congressman Says Build the Wall by Cutting Welfare Spending

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One way or another, President Donald Trump intends to make Mexico

pay for the construction of a massive wall along the southern U.S. border.

The president has proposed seizing all remittance payments that illegal Mexican

workers send home from the U.S., increasing fees on visas and border crossing cards,

and even applying a 20 percent tax on goods from Mexico

to get America’s southern neighbor to cough up the needed cash to construct the wall.

However, forcing Mexico to pay for an infrastructure project they so vehemently

oppose will take time and effort, and Trump is anxious to move forward with securing

America’s untamed Mexican border.

Fortunately, Rep. Steve King (R-Iowa) has a plan that not only helps pay

for the wall but gets the money from two of the left’s favorite wasteful social programs

— SNAP and Planned Parenthood.

“If you build it, they WON’T come”

After the House Appropriations Committee introduced a spending bill that set aside $1.6 billion to get started on the construction of the security barrier, King said that $5 billion would be more realistic. Rather than waiting on a recalcitrant Mexican president to capitulate, King believes that some cost-cutting measures at home could satisfy the wall’s budgetary requirements.


King told the Examiner just which programs he would gut on his way to paying for the wall:

I would find half of a billion dollars of that right out of Planned Parenthood’s budget. And the rest of it could come out of food stamps and the entitlements that are being spread out for people that haven’t worked in three generations.

King’s plan is sure to ruffle some Democratic Party feathers, as the left has become accustomed to

excessive spending in recent years on a diverse array of social welfare programs.

However controversial his proposal may be with the left, though,

it is an inarguably clever way of finally asserting the GOP’s

dominance of all three branches of governance.

Junk food stamps

As King suggests, entitlements like food stamps and the Supplemental

Nutrition Assistance Program often create dependencies among the

groups they are supposed to help. After the 2008 global recession,

Americans enrolled in SNAP at record levels,

and while the unemployment rate has returned to customary levels,

people are still using SNAP to feed their families.

The Iowa congressman sees another problem with SNAP

that many Americans on both sides of the political aisle seem

unwilling to discuss. King explains:

Now we have a problem of obesity. And when you match up the [Electronics Benefits Transfer] card with what the scales say on some of the folks, I think it’s worth looking at. [Former first lady]Michelle Obama looked at it, Republicans should be able to look at it too.

Indeed, science provides some indications of a correlation between food stamp use and obesity. Cindy Leung, a nutrition researcher at the University of California, San Francisco, conducted a study which shows that both teen and adult SNAP recipients have larger waists and more body fat than their less dependent American counterparts.

Aborting Planned Parenthood

King has received from pushback from some pro-choicers for his proposal to gut Planned Parenthood to fund the construction of the wall.

Planned Parenthood spokeswoman Erica Sackin argues that the government cannot simply take money from the nation’s busiest abortioncenter and reallocate it towards the wall. She says:

For Rep. Steve King to propose using Medicaid reimbursements to pay for a border wall is nonsensical and cruel. Blocking individuals on Medicaid from going to Planned Parenthood for preventive care will result in people losing access to care.

Sackin is positing that because Planned Parenthood does not receive their funds all at once in the form of a giant cardboard check, it would somehow be impossible to redirect this money towards other federal programs.

Additionally, Planned Parenthood would be at a grave risk of collapsingaltogether if 40 percent of its funding were suddenly removed, making any Medicaid reimbursements irrelevant (and preventing the annual abortion of over 320,000 babies in the process).

Whether the money comes straight from the Mexican government, or from bloated entitlements, the president will have his wall and the law of the land will be upheld. With deficit spending now the norm on Capitol Hill, it is high time that lawmakers like Trump and King formed fiscal alliances to eradicate waste in entitlement spending and keep their promises to the American people. 

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