Hillary Clinton resurfaced over the weekend to attend the wedding of a hedge-fund billionaire’s daughter – the same businessman who

was one of her biggest financial supporters during her failed election campaign.

Daily Mail reported that Hillary and Bill Clinton went to the wedding of 24-year-old Sophie Lasry,

the daughter of Avenue Capital Group founder Marc Lasry, on Sunday night. Lasry was marrying Alexander Swieca,

a 25-year-old former University of Michigan quarterback, who is the son of another billionaire hedge fund manager, Henry Swieca.

In a surprising twist, Tiffany Trump attended the wedding as well,

meaning that Clinton was put in the awkward position of attending the same event as the man who defeated her’s daughter.


This comes as Clinton is preparing to release a new memoir in which she’ll detail her loss in the election.

Clinton’s publisher Simon & Schuster released a description of the memoir that says the former Democratic presidential nominee,

“now free from the constraints of politics” will tell the story about what it was like to the the first female major party nominee.

It goes on to say that the book will tell the story of the 2016 election cycle,

which was marked by “rage, sexism, exhilarating highs and infuriating lows, kooky theatrics,

Russian interference, a maddening inattention to serious issues, deplorable (yes, deplorable) bigotry, and an opponent who broke all the rules.”

Clinton has made a handful of public appearances in the past few months in which she’s blamed seemingly everyone for her loss, except for herself.

Her scapegoats have included former FBI Director James Comey,

Russian President Vladimir Putin, and even Barack Obama.

She has yet to take any responsibility for her loss herself, of course!

“The criticism over her voice, age, and body, and how all women in politics confront a

double standard whenever they express anger or ambition,” the book description continued.





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