Ever since Donald Trump won the presidency, liberals have been trying to discredit his victory. From demanding recounts, to protesting, rioting and even suing Trump, all attempts have failed.

Now that he is in the White House, liberals are furious with President Trump for following through with his campaign promises. From the beginning, Trump told America he intended to strengthen our border security by suspending refugee programs and building a wall. The American people voted in favor of these issues—but they still can’t seem to accept this.

Liberals—and particularly liberal Hollywood—have taken their disrespect to a new high over the past few weeks. Madonna even threatened to blow up the White House and was forced to answer to the secret service. Now, rapper Big Sean has just made a similar threat, live on the radio:

“I know Jay proud of me, he put this ‘round my neck/And I might just kill ISIS with the same ice pick/That I murder Donald Trump in the same night with.”

Not surprisingly, Big Sean was also met by the secret service. These threats are not taken lightly.

What do you think? Should these stars be held accountable for these threats?



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